Lifting steel plates

Steel pipes are used as construction material in the on and off- shore industry for many many applications. It is a challenge to deliver the pipe undamaged to the construction site. Suxxesion Vacuum lifting equipment is a very important link in the supply chain. Damage is prevented on the coating and the beveled ends, due to smooth handling by means of Suxxesion suction pads fit for the purpose.

Suxxesion 150.ES

One of the two Suxxesion type 150 ES for steel sheet handling at DSSM in Rodekró in Denmark. The devices can be extended with an attachment to handle steel sheets. Continue reading

Suxxesion 160.S

One of the three Suxxesion type 160 S for steel sheet handling at OMK Vyksa Russia . These attachments are suspended from a Suxxesion type RHKV 180 vacuum lifting system with rotator integrated in a Sennebogen M870 knuckle boom crane. Continue reading

Suxxesion 120.ES

By using suxxesion vacuum lifting equipment the number of personnel is kept to a minimum. Because the sheet can be stored on top of another without spacers, the space needed for storage is minimized. Continue reading