Lifting steel pipes

Steel pipes are used as construction material in the on and off- shore industry for many many applications. It is a challenge to deliver the pipe undamaged to the construction site. Suxxesion Vacuum lifting equipment is a very important link in the supply chain. Damage is prevented on the coating and the beveled ends, due to smooth handling by means of Suxxesion suction pads fit for the purpose.

Suxxesion 160.EP

One of the four Suxxesion type 160 EP supplied in 2005 to Qatar for the Dolphin pipe coating yard. Devices suspended from overhead travelling cranes to load and off load pipes from trucks and the feed the coating factory. Continue reading

Suxxesion 350.ETP

One of the eleven Suxxesion vacuum lifting devices type 350 ETP supplied to Vyksa metallurgical plant OMK Russia. The devices are suspended from overhead travelling cranes in the export halls. Continue reading

Suxxesion 300.EDHP

Suxxesion type 300EDHP in use at the coating factory of MPC in Mülheim. This installation is in use ever since 2004 and has handled millions of tons of pipe. The device is suspended from a overhead travelling crane and operated from the crane cabin through Siemens S7 and profibus connections. Continue reading

Suxxesion 70.RHS

Suxxesion type 70 RHS integrated in Liebherr 944 knuckleboom crane in use at the port in Hamm Germany. Device designed to lift maximal three pipes at a time to of load railway wagons and to load barges. Continue reading

Suxxesion 450.EP

Suxxesion type 450 EP vacuum lifting device in use at J. Müller break bulk terminal in Brake Germany to load ships with pipes. The device is suspended from a container bridge crane suspended from a rotator with a toolframe. The vacuum lifting device is operated from the crane cabin. Continue reading

Suxxesion 160/180.RHKV

In the cabin a control box has been installed to suck and release the load. On the panel you can see the warning signs and the vacuum level in the reservoir can be read on the display. The rotation and horizontal equalizing is done over the functions in the joy stick. Continue reading

Suxxesion 200.EHVP

All electrical parts are supplied according to the latest standard. For the steering of the device we have used Siemens S7 PLC to be able to steer all elements for this. Inside the cabin of gantry crane the control panel has been built. Continue reading

Suxxesion 320.HS

The device has two individual vacuum systems for each suction pad. In case one pump fails, both systems can be connected to each other to finish the operation. The power to drive the pumps is taken from the stacker as well as the electric power for the controls and electrical components on the vacuum lifting system. Continue reading

Suxxesion 300.HS

The hydraulic feed for the vacuum pump is taken from the spreader as well as the electrical power of 24V= to feed the logo processor and the blue tooth remote control receiver. Operation is done by means of a control panel built inside the cabin. Communication trough blue tooth wireless control. The device can be easily put aside and the stacker can be used for container handeling. Continue reading