Lifting and turning

Demolding, turning and lifting with one machine for efficient logistics. Often concrete elements of all kinds of shapes are molded upside down and need to be turned over 90 or 180 degrees to put the finished side into sight position. Suxxesion has supplied Lifting and Turning equipment up to 30 ton capacity.

Suxxesion T40E.90

Two Suxxesion type T40E 90 to unmould and turn over 90 degr tunnel lining elements for a tunnel to feed a hydropowerstation at Illbergertal in Austria. Tubings are taken from the outside and inside radius. Continue reading

Suxxesion T16E.180

Suxxesion type T16E 180 suspended from overhead travelling crane in operation as BS beton St Oedenrode the Netherlands. Lifting and turning of various concrete elements. Continue reading

Suxxesion T100.E90

Suxxesion T 100 E90 to handle wallelements at C BS Wielsbeke Belgium. Lifting and turning capacity 10.000 kg. The device belongs to a total handling system to unmould L shaped wall elements out of the production, to bring these elements to a turning station and to evacuate these elements to the stock yard. Continue reading

Suxxesion T160E.180

Suxxesion T 160E 180 to handle concrete water tanks and basements. System supplied with a similar device however suitable to unmould lift and turn basements with a total weight of 32.000 kg. The devices are in operation at O-Beton in Rumbeke Belgium. Continue reading

Suxxesion 300.TE180

Designed to unmold and turn prefabricated basements and underground watertanks. By handling with vacuum the fresh molded concrete can be lifted after only 8 hours curing time. By applying smooth vacuum handling a lot of time and money is saved. The steel reinforcements in the concrete can be lighter due to the fact that the lifting force is divided over the surface under the suction pads instead of peak forces around lifting points attached to the steel reinforcements. Continue reading