Suxxesion 400.DHK

suxxesion_eTechnical Specifications
  • + Max lifting capacity 40.000 kg
  • + Suitable to lift pipes with outside diameter from 16" to 64"
  • + Dead weight 10.000 kg

Hydraulic lifting: Suxxesion 400.DKH

The device is suspended from the twistlocks of a container spreader. The hydraulic feed is coming from the carrying machine as well as 24 V power for the control box on the device. The EHK 400 is controlled by means of remote control carried by the operator inside the cabin of the Reach stacker. It can also be used in combination with other types of container spreaders suspended from harbor cranes or bridge cranes. The device is equipped with two spreader beams. One fixed to the main frame and the second beam on a sliding construction enabling to adopt the C-C depending of the size of the pipe. The C-C can be adopted even when the maximal load of two pipes of 20.000 kg each are suspended. When the pipes are not laying in one line the second beam can slide over 500 mm Left and Right to search for the pipe ends. When entering into the pipe the second pipe searches automatically for the centre of gravity to be sure that the hooks are in the pipe ends.